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The Keys to Longevity


The Keys to Longevity

Tuesday 19 March

We all strive to live a long and healthy life. In today’s episode we discuss the topic of longevity and how to live a healthy and full life.

Motivational Speaker Lucia Dramat joins us to give us some insights on how to flip your body’s longevity switch to live a longer and more fulfilling life. This includes regular exercise, eating more fruits and vegetables, social connections, sleep, and finding ways to destress.

On social media we would love to hear your secret to a fulfilling and vibrant life.

GynaGuard's Zizipho Quma and Thuli Sandile tell us about their Ultimate Girls Giveaway Competition.

Sleep deprivation is a significant issue in South Africa, with a large portion of the population not getting enough sleep or struggling to fall asleep. Lucia, Palesa and Zuraida discuss the importance of quality sleep and rest and how it impacts our overall health.

Paediatrician Dr Anisa Vahed discusses the benefits of additive-free medication.

These Mini Malva Puddings paired with the new Clover’s Custard are simply perfection! Make sure you save this recipe for your Easter dessert.

Content Creator Zuki Lamani shares how her family has shaped her sense of self and influenced her idea of longevity, upcoming projects, and more.

We talk to a Wendy Van Niekerk, Benita Loff and Melanie Lippert who are in a knitting group for charity. They tell us about how their connection and purpose influences their longevity and mental state of mind.

Zuraida speaks to Absa's Chief Marketing Officer Sydney Nhlanhla Mbhele about their commitment to storytelling and the role it plays in shaping "Your Story Matters" as their new brand expression.

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