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Woolworths Summery Mediterranean Fettucine

Summery Mediterranean Fettucine

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Summery Mediterranean Fettucine

For the Tomato sauce
Vine Tomatoes
X1 red pepper, cut into quarters
Olive Oil
X1 tin chopped tomatoes
X1 cloves garlic, chopped
Fresh oregano leaves, picked
Fresh basil leaves, chopped
Salt and pepper
Preheat the oven to 180°C. Put the cherry vine tomatoes and red peppers on a baking sheet, then drizzle with the oil, season and roast for 20-25 minutes.
Once roasted, add the peppers to a blender with a little olive and blend until smooth. 
To make the sauce, add a tin of chopped tomatoes to a saucepan, along with 2 cloves of garlic, slices. Add in some picked oregano leaves as well as a few chopped basil leaves. Add the roasted cherry tomatoes to the sauce. Slightly mash some of it and keep some whole. Allow the sauce to simmer and add a teaspoon of sugar if necessary. Season with salt and pepper and set aside for when ready to use. 
For the meat balls
500g mince
x2 garlic ,crushed
2 slices of bread, crusts removed
¼ c milk
Fresh oregano, chopped
Fresh basil, chopped
Half red onion, grated. 
Place the crustless bread into the milk and allow it to soak up. Break up the bread and add it to the bowl with the mince. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Form into balls and fry off the meatballs, until golden brown. 
For the baby marrows
Prepare the baby marrows by slicing into discs. Add to a heated pan with a nut of buter and oil. Crush a garlic cloves and add in the sliced baby marrows. Season with salt and pepper and add a squeeze of fresh lemon
Baby marrows
Add some cooked fettucine to a place. Drizzle over the sauce and add in some meatballs. Plate up with some cooked baby marrows and olives as well as some fresh basil. Squeeze over some fresh lemon. 

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