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Woolworths Festive hamper tacos

Woolworths Festive hamper tacosWoolworths Festive hamper tacos

Tongue twister tacos
Smokey Beef and pickle tacos
Gammon and slaw tacos
All options served with toasted Woolies multiseeds wraps
For the tongue twister tacos:
1 X Tongue prepared from the Woolworths festive hamper
½ Red onion finely diced
2 Carrots julienned
4T roughly chopped coriander
4T Mild jalapeno and cilantro chutney
1T jalapeno sauce
2T chipotle seasoning
1 cup extra creamy woolies mayonnaise
Serve with lime wedges
Dice the prepared tongue and add to a mixing bowl along with the red onion. In a separate bowl combine the carrots, coriander, jalapeno and coriander chutney and jalapeno sauce.
Add the carrot mixture to the bottom of the toasted wrap add the tongue mixture next followed by the a chipotle mayo which is simply made by mixing chipotle seasoning together with the mayonnaise. Serve with a squeeze of lime over.
For the smokey beef and pickle tacos
1 X Cured beef
1 red onion finely diced
5 Pickles diced
3T Chopped peppadew peppers
4T Smokey BBQ marinade
2T Chipotle Tabasco
Avocado to top the tacos
Lime to squeeze over
Prepare the cured beef as instructed before shredding. Combine the beef with the onion, pickles and pepperdews before adding the BBQ marinade and chipotle Tabasco. Mix through before adding to the wrap and topping with the avo and serving with a squeeze of lime.
For the Gammon and slaw taco
1 X Woolworths Gammon from the festive hamper, prepared as instructed before thinly slicing
For the slaw: Combine
½ Woolworths red cabbage, finely shredded
2 rainbow carrots, grated
4T Hot and chunky salsa
½ cup good quality mayonnaise
3T roughly chopped coriander
Serve with lime
Add the gammon to the wrap and top with the slaw before adding a squeeze of lime

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