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Turning a store bought cake into a masterpiece

Turning a store bought cake into a masterpiece

Turning a store bought cake into a masterpiece

Recipe by : Jay Miller
Serves : One cake
Preparation time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

2 x 20cm store bought cakes, filled and iced 
3 tubs ready-made icing
1 tube food colouring of your choice

Chocolate ganache
250 g white chocolate, chopped
80 ml fresh cream
1 tube of food colouring of your choice

1 bunch of fresh cut flowers of your choice
fresh seasonal berries of your choice
gold lustre dust
“Happy Birthday” cake topper

25cm cake board
1 pack of plastic straws
1 squeeze bottle
cake scraper

Begin by removing the cakes from their packaging. Using a cake scraper, gently scape off all of the icing from both cakes (sides and top). Set icing aside. Refrigerate cakes for 30 minutes. Remove the cakes for the refrigerator and place the first cake on your cake board. Spoon some of the icing you scraped off on top of the first cake. Place the second cake on top of the first and gently press down to ensure the cakes adhere to each other. Next insert 3-4 straws into the cake randomly. This will help stabilise the cake and give it support. Trim the straws so that they sit flush with the top of the cake. Next, whip up the store bought icing and dye it to the colour of your choice. Spread a generous amount of icing around and on top of the cake and smooth out with a cake scraper to achieve a smooth finish. Once you’re happy, refrigerate the cake for 30 minutes or until the icing is hard to the touch. Next prepare the ganache. Place chocolate in a bowl. Heat up the milk in a saucepan on medium heat and bring to a gentle simmer. Pour milk over chocolate and stir until fully melted. Add food colouring of your choice. Allow ganache to cool to room temperature and pour into squeeze bottle. Squeeze out the ganache on the rim of the cake to create a drip effect. Decorate with the fresh flowers and berries of your choice. Dust some gold lustre dust onto the cake to give it an extra bit of pizzazz. Finally, adorn your cake with the cake topper and present your fabulous showstopper birthday cake.

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