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Spring drink infusions

Spring drink infusions
Spring drink infusions


1 Pineapple, skin removed
100g Blueberries
½ lime juiced
Woolworths Coconut and pineapple Springdrinks
Mint to serve.
Cut the pineapple into cubes before adding to a blender along with the blueberries and lime juice. Blend to form a very smooth puree.
Place the puree into a glass before covering with a larger glass that fits over the glass that has the puree in it.
Turn the glass over and pour the spring drink between the to glasses along with some mint to serve.
Serve the glass with a straw, pulling the center glass out before drinking to infuse the 2 drinks.
For the strawberry and papaya drink follow the same method but swap out the pineapple and blueberries with the strawberries and papaya and the coconut and pineapple drink with the orange and strawberry drink.   

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