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Rump Steak Tacos

Rump steak tacos

Rump Steak Tacos

Recipe by: Claire Swanson

Serves: 4-6     
Preparation time:   20-30min
Cooking time: 10-15min

3 Soft shell tacos, (10cm cut out from large wheat wraps)
30g crème fraiche    
30g Shredded crisp lettuce    
Thick cut rump steak (Avg 600g)    
15g Pickled red onion & diced papaya    
2.5 Picked coriander    
50g Blackened corn     
1 Lime wedges    

Make marinade for thick cut steaks:
Olive oil, coriander, mint, lime zest and juice, Maldon salt & pepper. Put aside some marinade for tossing sliced steak in after cooking.
Place a pan on the heat and get scorching hot. Sear steaks till medium rare and rest.
For blackened corn, simply cut fresh corn off the cob and place into scorching hot pan to blacken. Remove from heat and set aside.

For picked red onion:
slice 2 red onions finely, 2 tbsp sugar, 2g salt, 2g pepper, 30g red wine vinegar., 10g chopped coriander. Rub seasoning onto onion then add vinegar and set in fridge to quick pickle, stir through ½ diced papaya before serving. Place a clean pan on the heat at a medium temp. Place the soft tacos in the pan & allow them to heat through but not gain too much colour.
Remove tacos from the pan & place on a clean work surface. Work quickly
Spread the crème fraiche all around the base of the tacos. Place equal portions of the shredded lettuce in a line on the left half of the tacos.
Top the lettuce with the warm steak strips, spreading equal portions across each taco. Follow with pickled onion, papaya & blackened corn.

Plating will be family style on a large wooden serving board open faced with lots of lime wedges scattered around slightly as it cools so don’t overcook it in the oven.

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