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Rocky road marshmallows

Rocky Road Marshmallows

Rocky road marshmallows

Recipe by Lexi Bechet

1 tablespoon gelatine powder
1/2 cup Selati castor Snow
80ml cold water
120ml glucose syrup
40ml honey
5ml vanilla essence
A pinch of salt

Dusting powder:
1/2 cup Selati icing Snow mixed with 1/2 cup corn flour sieved together.

2 cups of fun decorations (try to incorporate different colours and textures), think chuckles, sprinkles, rice krispies, chewy sweets, the sky is the limit!!

1.  Line a brownie tin with grease proof baking paper and sprinkle the bottom with enough dusting powder to completely cover the baking paper.
2. Combine the gelatine and Cold water in a medium glass bowl and leave to bloom.
3. While the gelatine is blooming, combine the glucose, honey, vanilla & salt in a bowl fitted to a beater with a whisk attachment (you can also use a hand eater for this).
4. Bring a small pot of water up to a rolling boil. Once the water is boiling, turn off the heat. Place the bowl containing the bloomed gelatine over the pot (a make shift double boiler!) and stir until your gelatine is completely dissolved. Add the castor sugar and continue to stir until the sugar too is completely dissolved.
5. Turn your beater on and slowly add the gelatine mixture to the beating glucose mixture. Leave the marshmallow to beat until it has doubled in volume.
6. Once you have a beautiful, glossy cloud of Marshmallow, pour it out into the prepared tin.
7. Now comes the fun part.... use your 2 cups of decorations and decorate your marshmallow. I usually push some chocolate pieces completely into the mallow and swirl some sprinkles through to add a little extra excitement to the mix!
8. Leave the marshmallow extravaganza to cool completely (this will take approximately 1 hour)
9. Cut into squares and enjoy!

* These Mallow Squares should be stored in a completely airtight container.

For best results, use Selati!


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