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Roasted chicken with caponata

Roast chicken and polenta recipe

Roasted Chicken with Caponata

Recipe by:  Claire Swanson

Serves: 4
Preparation time: 35 minutes + 24hrs (to infuse)
Cooking time: 1hr 30 minutes

Roasted Chicken

900g (avg) Chicken thighs and drumsticks
1 punnet, rosemary
salt and pepper

Place the chicken pieces in a large roasting dish, season and drizzle with olive oil. Toss over some fresh rosemary and bake for 40-45minutes until golden and cooked through.


600g Aubergine, cubed,
150ml Olive oil     
150g Celery, 2cm pieces
300g Red/yellow peppers, deseeded, cut in to strips    
150g Brown onion, thinly sliced    
5g Anchovy, 2 fillets    
50g Tomato paste    
30g Capers    
100g Green olives, pitted & quartered
40g Raisins    
150ml White wine vinegar    
70g Sugar    
5g Salt    
2.5 Black pepper    
150g Toasted flaked almonds, chopped    
10g Parsley, chopped     

Cook the celery in a large pan of salted boiling water for about 3 minutes.
Remove from the water once done and pat dry.
Heat 150ml of olive oil in a large pot. Fry the celery off on a medium heat until slightly crispy. Remove from the heat and drain on paper towel. Top the oil up if needed and fry off the red peppers. Remove them once they start to soften but are still crisp. Drain on paper towel.
Top the oil up if needed and increase the heat, add the aubergines once the oil is hot.
Cook the aubergines on a high heat until they are cooked through but still keep their shape.
Remove the aubergine and drain them on paper towel.
Reduce the heat and fry off the onions on a medium heat until they begin to soften and become golden yet do not brown.
Add the anchovies and allow frying off until they break up.
Stir in the tomato paste and allow it to cook off for about 2 minutes.
Add the cooked celery, peppers and aubergine to the onion mixture followed by the capers, raisins, olives, vinegar, salt, sugar and black pepper.
Cook for 5 minutes on high heat stirring continuously.
Add toasted and chopped almonds, finish off with freshly chopped parsley and serve with soft polenta

Soft Polenta 

By Juliet Douglas

15ml Olive Oil
265g Brown Onions
10g sage
10g Rosemary
50g Garlic
1.25L Full cream milk
500ml Vegetable Stock
160g Polenta
100g Salted Butter
100g Hard Cheese
Salt and Cracked Black Pepper to taste

Quarter the onions, leaving the skin on. Halve the garlic cloves.
In a medium size pot heat the olive oil and add the onion segments and garlic cloves. Stirring occasionally allow the onion and garlic to brown. Add the rosemary and sage and stir until they become fragrant.
Pour in the milk and bring up to a gentle simmer.
Remove from the heat and leave to cool.
This can be done the day before and left in the fridge over night for the flavours to infuse properly.
Strain the milk into another saucepan. Throw away the onion, garlic, sage and rosemary, add the vegetable stock and bring up to a gentle simmer.
Slowly add the polenta, whisking constantly at the same time so that no lumps form.
Stir with a wooden spoon.
Add the butter and grated hard cheese and stir.
Season and pour into a serving dish.

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