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Rama Caramel Fudge


Rama Caramel Fudge
Recipe: Amanda Manyatshe
Makes: 20 pieces
Preparation: 5 minutes (plus 2 hours to chill)
Cooking: 15 minutes 
400 g brown sugar
1 can condensed milk
110 g Rama
15 g golden syrup
Line a shallow dish or baking tray with baking paper. Allow some baking paper to hang over the side. Set this aside.
In a pot over a medium low heat, add the brown sugar, condensed milk, Rama and golden syrup. Whisk until the Rama melts and the sugar dissolves. Reduce the heat once it starts to bubble, and simmer for 12-15 minutes.
To test if the fudge is ready, add a small drop in a glass of cold water - if the drop sets slightly and you can roll it into a ball then the fudge is ready. Allow to boil for an additional 5 minutes if it’s not quite ready.
Pour the fudge into your lined dish and let it cool in the fridge for two hours.
Remove from the fridge and lift the fudge out of the baking dish using the overhanging baking paper. Place on a cutting board and cut it into squares. Enjoy!
Tip: To make the fudge extra creamy, you can whip it in a stand mixer or with a hand held mixer until it thickens up a bit, and then pour into the baking dish to set in the fridge.

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