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Onion Baji recipe

Onion Baji

Onion Baji recipe
Recipe by: Chef Dion

Serves: 3-4
Recipe time: 15 min

500g onion sliced
1tin chickpeas (mashed into a coarse paste WITH THE BRINE)
10g garlic finely minced
8g ginger grated
6g mint chopped
3g dill chopped
8g coriander fresh chopped
5g paprika smoked
5g Kashmir fine chilli powder
2g turmeric powder
8g white pepper ground freshly
100g cornflour
5g bicarb
3g baking powder
10g salt
1ea lemon zest and juice
Combine all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Gently fold and mash at the same time with a hand potato masher. Do this for about 3mins until the onions start to bruise and shrink. Allow your baji mixture to rest in the fridge for an hour at least. This mixture can last in your fridge for up to 2 days after that the fragrant aromatics get lost. Preheat a pot of oil or a deep fat fryer at 180 degrees celsius. Using a table spoon scoop a bit of the baji mix and carefully place it into the oil. Try not to overcrowd your fryer as the oil temperature drops and the baji becomes greasy. Fry for about 2mins on each side. It should be nice and crispy but golden in color. Remove from the fryer and place on a wire rack to drain excess oil. Sprinkle with finishing salt and enjoy with a squeeze of lemon.

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