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Nulaid Omelette Chapati

Nulaid Omelette Chapati

Recipe Jay miller
Serves: 2
Cooking time: 20 minutes

2 Nulaid large eggs
½ a red onion, finely chopped
10 small vine tomatoes, cut in half
½ a bunch of fresh coriander, roughly chopped
1 spring onion, finely sliced
1 green chilli, thinly sliced
½ teaspoon ground turmeric
½ teaspoon garam masala
½ teaspoon ground cumin
100g cheddar cheese, grated
1 chapatti
Salt and pepper to season

For serving:
50g baby spinach leaves
½ a lemon
1 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper to taste


Whisk the Nulaid eggs together until well combined, then season generously and whisk in the onion, tomatoes, coriander, spring onion, chilli, turmeric, garam masala and cumin. Melt the butter in a medium non-stick frying pan over a medium heat and ladle in the omelette mixture. Swirl the eggs around for 2 minutes or until just set. Sprinkle over the cheese and once melted, place the chapatti on top. Leave it for a minute, then carefully flip the omelette on to your serving plate. To serve, place the baby spinach in a bowl and dress with lemon juice, olive oil and seasoning to taste. Place the baby spinach on top of the omelette and enjoy!

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