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Lindt Cascading Tiramisu Cake


Lindt Cascading Tiramisu Cake

Recipe: Lindt

Makes: One cake

Chocolate Cake Sponges x 3 
220 g ground almond 
380 g icing sugar 
50 g honey 
50 g water 
280 g yolks ( 14 ) 
100 g eggs ( 2 ) 
100 g 70 % cocoa Lindt excellence 
100 g butter 
135 g cake flour 
50 g cocoa powder 
420 g egg whites (14 ) 
200 g sugar 
Dark Chocolate Coffee Mousse 
50 g water 
50 g glucose syrup or Honey 
5 g instant coffee 
300 g Lindt Excellence 70% Mild 
250 g cream (soft peaks) 
Ganache -coating 
200 g Lindt Excellence Extra Creamy 
50 g Lindt Excellence Touch of Sea Salt 
100 g cream 
Chocolate Cake Sponges x 3 
Combine the first 6 ingredients until a paste has formed  - best to use a stand mixer with a paddle attachment 
Melt the butter & chocolate and add to the paste until smooth 
Then add the flour & cocoa powder – mixing well 
The mixture will be quite firm 
Whip the egg whites until stiff, adding the sugar slowly forming a firm meringue 
Then combine the 2 mixtures until a smooth-running batter is achieved 
Portion into greased cake tins & bake at 160C for 25 min
Cool to assemble 

Dark Chocolate Coffee Mousse 
In a saucepan bring the water syrup & coffee to the boil 
Off the heat add the chopped chocolate pieces & mix until a smooth shiny ganache has formed 
Transfer to a mixing bowl – allow to cool slightly 
Whip the cream to soft peaks 
Fold through the chocolate ganache until well combined 
Allow to set in the fridge overnight before using to fill the cake
Ganache -coating 
Bring the cream to the boil 
Pour over the chopped chocolate pieces 
Mix well until a smooth shinny ganache has formed 
The ganache to be made & used immediately to achieve the coating of the cake
Assembly of the Tiramisu cake 
Place the first cake sponge onto a cake board 
Pipe or spread the chocolate mousse over 
Place the 2nd cake sponge over the mousse – pressing down lightly 
Pipe or spread another layer of mousse over that cake again pressing down lightly 
Finally place the 3rd cake layer onto the mousse– pressing down lightly once again 
Any exposed mousse coming out the sides can be evened out using a palette knife 
Wrap the plastic collar around the cake nice & tightly securing with some tape 
or ribbon- allow the cake sometime in the fridge to set 
When ready to serve 
Only then pour over the coating ganache into the collar 
Sprinkle with toppings / shavings of chocolate etc. 
Pull the collar upwards – allowing the liquid ganache to cascade down over the cake 
Coating it 
Serve immediately

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