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Linda's Final Excella Dish


Linda's Final Excella Dish

Recipe by Linda Mazibuko
Prep time: 20 min
Cooking time: 40 minutes

For the Ostrich Fillet:
100g Ostrich Fillet
5g Nutmeg
5g Coriander Seeds
5g Fennel Seeds
3g Sea Salt
3g black peppercorns
15ml Excella Sunflower Oil

For the Smoked Red Pepper Sauce:
1 large Red Bell Pepper
5g cumin seeds
10ml tomato paste
5g smoked paprika
5ml fresh lemon juice
150ml Hot Vegetable Stock
5ml fynbos honey/brown sugar
5ml Lemon zest
5ml maldon salt/sea salt

For the Avocado Roulade:
1 Large Ripe Avocado
1 fresh Lemon 
1 pinch salt
1 small Onion (finely chopped)
8 sprigs fresh thyme
8 portobellini mushrooms/brown mushrooms (finely chopped)
50g salted butter
1 pinch black pepper
100g Excella Thai Long Grain Rice   

For the Toum:
100g Fresh Garlic Cloves
2tsp Salt
60ml Lemon Juice
3 cups Excella Sunflower Oil

Griddle Pan
Pestle & Mortar
Sharp Knife

Airtight container
Gas Hob
Nutribullet Blender

Cling Wrap
Small Cooking Pot
Saucepan/Frying Pan

Slice fillet into desired shape. Place the peppercorns into a pestle & mortar, grind until cracked then add the remaining spices into the pestle & mortar. Rub the dry spice mix onto the ostrich fillet with a touch of oil, wrap in cling wrap then set aside for grilling later.

Smoke the red bell pepper on top of the gas hob, place into an airtight container set aside for peeling later. Heat your saucepan, once hot, toast your cumin seeds then add tomato paste, smoked paprika, lemon juice & vegetable stock.

Turn down the heat & allow to simmer for 5 minutes, then add the honey/sugar. Finish the base off with the lemon zest and season with salt. Peel the smoked bell pepper then finely chop and add to a blender along with the spiced sauce. Add a dash of oil for extra shine then blend everything together until silky smooth.

Boil water in a small pot. Add Excella Thai Long Grain Rice into the boiling water. Strain once cooked & set aside. Slice avocado into half then finely slice lengthwise, scoop out the slices then lay them out neatly next to each other on a piece of clingwrap, sprinkle with salt & lemon juice and place inside the refrigerator for later.

Melt butter inside a saucepan then add the onions & thyme. Once the thyme leaves have popped and released their flavour, add the chopped mushrooms followed by the rice and mix. Allow to cool slightly.

Grab your avocado roulade prep from the refrigerator then add the rice + mushroom mixture on top of the avocado lengthwise. Fold the roulade into a cylinder shape & tighten then slice them.

Place garlic and salt into the blender, blend until completely minced. Add 20ml lemon juice, blend again then add the Excella Sunflower Oil slowly. Keep alternating the lemon juice & oil until you achieve the desired consistency. Assemble.

Chefs Tip:
If you would like it to be a sauce then you can add ice water to the mixture.
If the sauce breaks, you can revive it by adding an egg white to your mixture which will help emulsify the ingredients.

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