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Grilled fish with Green Spelt Salad

Grilled fish with Green Spelt SaladGrilled fish with Green Spelt Salad

Making your own salt free seasoning
4T celery leaves, dried in the oven until crisp
2t garlic powder
2t onion powder
1t English mustard powder
1t dried oregano
2t Woolworths dried chives
2t paprika
1T dried lemon zest
1T Parmesan cheese, finely grated
2t freshly ground black pepper
Crush the celery leaves before adding to a mixing bowl with the rest of the ingredients. Toss to combine before storing in an airtight jar.
Grilled fish with green spelt salad
4 X ±150g Hake middle cut fillets
Extra virgin olive oil to drizzle over and coat
4T salt free seasoning (see above)
1 lemon cut into wedges
For the green spelt salad
2 X 150g Woolworths spelt
4T parsley roughly chopped
2T mint, finely chopped
4T Basil, roughly chopped
4T green olives roughly chopped
2T salt free seasoning
1 Lemon zested and juiced
Coat the hake fillets in some olive oil before spooning over the salt free seasoning and coating well. Place on an oven tray to cook at 200°C for about 7 minutes a side or until the fish is slightly charred outside and perfectly cooked inside.
For the green spelt salad: Add the spelt to a large mixing bowl along with the chopped herbs, olive and salt free seasoning.
Toss together with the freshly squeezed lemon juice and lemon zest. Serve with the fresh also served with fresh lemon juice squeezed over. 

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