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Dark Muscavado Honeycomb

Dark Muscovado Honeycomb

Dark Muscovado Honeycomb
with Apple Pastry Discs

Recipe by Ming-Cheau Lin, from butterfingers.co.za 

Muscavado Dark Honey Comb
200g Muscovado sugar
5 tbsp golden syrup
2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
On a gentle heat, bring the muscovado sugar and syrup to boil in a deep saucepan
(needs to be high enough that the volume can increase by up to three times) It’s
important to keep an eye on it, as you need it to reach 150°C with a sugar
thermometer. If you don’t have one, it needs to simmer for about three minutes till it’s
melted with light bubbles, and golden.
Get a whisk out, and put all the bicarb in the sugar, whisking around the mixture
quickly to make sure it spreads out fast. Then take a moment to watch the beautiful
caramel foam rise.
Immediately, pour over buttered baking paper laid out in a wide baking pan. I like to
use silicone sheets.
Wait about an hour for it to cool, and crack into pieces to use.
Apple Discs
Makes 15 discs
Green apples
Ground cinnamon
Store-bought puff pastry
200ml whipping cream
1 vanilla pod’
Cut Apples into half-moons and cook slightly in cinnamon and sugar. Cut out +- 15 pastry discs from the puff pastry and place apple moons onto pastry before baking 12-15min.
To assemble:
Scrape vanilla into cream, dollop onto tartlets, break honeycomb and sprinkle over tarts. 

Butterfingers blog


For best results, use Selati!
Twitter: @AlwaysGoodSA 

For best results, use Selati!
Twitter: @AlwaysGoodSA 


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