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Dark Chocolate Fudge

Choc Fudge

Chocolate Fudge

Dark chocolate fudge
500g castor sugar
62.5g butter
7.5ml golden syrup
Half a tin of condensed milk
A dash of milk
dark chocolate (150g)

Put milk in the pot then add sugar, butter, condensed milk and last golden syrup (prevents sugar from crystallising). Put the pot over low heat to let sugar dissolve then increase heat and bring to the boil, stir constantly as it burns quickly, until it reaches soft ball stage.

(You test for soft ball stage by taking half a teaspoon of mixture and put it into ice water if it forms a ball between your fingers it's ready)

Use the hand blender to whisk fudge and incorporate air and allow it to cool for a minute then add chocolate.Whisk until chocolate is fully incorporated. Pour into mould lined with Clingfilm (work fast before it hardens) allow to stand for 5 min the cut pieces while in mould and refrigerate overnight to allow fudge to set.

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