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Recipe by: Matt Manning
(serves 4)
250g field mushrooms, thinly sliced
400g porcini mushrooms. Portion these into a nice size for garnishing and add trimmings to the field mushrooms
1 shallot, finely diced
1 clove of garlic, finely sliced
sprig of thyme 
1 small bunch chopped chives
50g Butro
salt & pepper
500g Arborio rice
200g grated Parmesan 
1 ball of Burrata 
200ml white wine
200ml Clover cream 
1l chicken stock 
Start off the cooking process with a dash of Butro oil, thyme, shallots and the Arborio rice to your  sauté pan. Allow the rice to sweat off in the Butro oil for a minute, then add white wine to the pan, stirring continuously. Continue to stir your risotto while gradually adding the chicken stock one ladle at a time.
In another pan, add the garlic, shallots, thyme & field mushrooms and roast until golden in Butro oil. Add 90ml of stock to the pan to deglaze, along with 50g butter & the cream, and simmer for 20 minutes until mushrooms are softly cooked. 
Using a jug blender, blend the puree until smooth. Adjust seasoning & set to one side.
By now, your risotto has been cooking for 20mins. Continue to cook until the rice is al dente. Finish the risotto off with grated parmesan, and the mushroom puree – adding the puree until the desired consistency is achieved. Once ready, season to taste. 


In a separate pan, roast the perfectly shaped porcini mushrooms in 50g of Butro, season to taste and set aside for plating. 
To plate, place risotto in the centre of bowl. Burst open the ball of burrata, season with salt and add a drizzle of the Butro Oil.  Garnish with the beautifully roasted porcini mushrooms and a final grate of parmesan, sprinkling the dish with fresh truffle shavings if you’re able to get your hands on some! I get my fresh truffles from Good Food Merchants.


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