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Clover Fruits of the Forest Fridge cake

Clover Fruits of the Forest Fridge cake

Fruits of the Forest Fridge cake
1½ cup muesli
65g melted butter
2 cups FOF cereal strawberry and cranberry
1¼ cup cream
¼ cup water
6 tbsp milk
12g gelatin

In a bowl, mix the muesli and butter together, pat down and ensure mix stays together. Transfer to a spring form pan to chill and set.
To bloom the gelatin, place leaves in a bowl and pour the ¼ cup of water. Leave the gelatin to soften for about 5-8 min. 
Pour the milk into a small saucepan and place on the stove over high heat. Make sure to keep an eye on the milk to ensure it boils but does not burn. Remove the milk from the heat and add the bloomed gelatin and stir until it is completely dissolved. Set aside. 
In a separate bowl, whip the cream to stiff peaks and set aside. Add 1/3 of the cream to the FOF bowl and stir completely. Add the remaining cream to the dairy mix and fold in carefully, making sure not to deflate. Add the milk mixture to the cream mixture and stir. Transfer the mixture into the spring form pan containing the muesli and set in the fridge to chill at least 2 hours. 
Garnish completed cake with fresh berries.

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