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Clover arts and crafts

clover arts

Clover arts and crafts

Craft 1:
Turn your empty youghurt pack into a seed grower.
Decorate ice cream sticks with pictures and names of what is growing.

Craft 2:
Cup & Ball Game
How to Play:
The object of the game is to gently swing the ball up and into the cup. It takes practice!

You will need:
Snack Pack Yogurt cups
bamboo skewers
Large round wood beads and a few small beads
Super glue
Cardboard and ribbon (optional)

1. Superglue colourful cardboard around your yoghurt cup.
2. Pierce the bottom of the cup with the skewer.
3. Cut a 30cm piece of yarn and tie a small bead to one end of it. Thread the loose end of the yarn through the bottom hole in the yogurt cup.
4. Tie your large wooden bead to the end of the yarn.
5. Pierce the side of the yogurt cup with the skewer and thread it through the opposite side of the cup.
6. Decorate as desired (completed ones will be on display.)

Completed crafts:
Yogurt bracelets, mini treat basket, organiser for hair clips etc.

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