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Boitshoko's Excella Cook-Off Dish


Boitshoko's Excella Cook-Off Dish

Recipe by Boitshoko Molewa
Serves: 4
Prep time: 35 minutes
Cooking time: 35 minutes

250g fettucine pasta
2-4 tbsp salted butter
salt and pepper to taste
1 red onion, chopped
handful parsley
1 cup calamari
250g prawns, tail-on shell-off
1 lemon
1 cup cream
¼ cup Excella Sunflower Oil, plus more to fry
1 ½ tbsp garlic, chopped
¼ cup white wine
½ cup grated parmesan
100g mussels, cleaned
2 tbsp Excella Mayonnaise
2 eggs
bread crumbs
1 ½ tbsp tomato sauce
1 tbsp dijon mustard
1 tbsp soy sauce

Cook the pasta in boiling water until al dente then strain, keeping 2 cups of pasta water aside. Drizzle with Excella Sunflower oil to make sure pasta doesn’t stick then start on your prawns.

Clean the prawns then heat some Excella Sunflower oil in a pot over a medium heat. Bread the prawns in flour, beaten eggs and breadcrumbs then place on a try lined with paper towel and chill in fridge till time to serve.

Cut calamari into rings and ready for cooking along with mussels. Chop onions and garlic finely, sauté on medium heat with Excella Sunflower oil, place seafood mix into pan and sauté together with 10g butter. While seafood is cooking pour 10ml of white wine every 15 seconds till liquid has dissolved. Flambé seafood mix till all alcohol is cooked off then add cream to pan and cook till thick.

Deep fry the prawns in the heated oil umtil golden and crispy then remove from heat. Add cooked pasta into seafood mix season with salt and pepper, lemon juice butter and chopped parsley for colour and allowing sauce to reduce.

Serve pasta dish, sprinkle more parsley for colour, parmesan and compliment with slice lemon. Mix mayonnaise, parsley, Dijon mustard, tomato sauce, soy sauce together to make cocktail to drizzle over or to dip prawns in. Enjoy!

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