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Bliss Banoffee tart

Bliss Banoffee tart

Bliss Banoffee tart

500ml cream whipped to stiff peaks
1 tin caramel
2 packets of coconut biscuits
10 medium sized bananas
1 serving dish 30cmx20cm
1 cup Clover Bliss Chocolate medium cream dairy dessert
Pour your cream into a clean bowl and whip to stiff peaks.
Remove the caramel treat from the tin and mix until soft in a separate bowl.
Add the soft caramel treat to the whipped cream and mix thoroughly, set aside.
Take your bananas, peel them and slice them into rounds however thick you like them (obviously not as thick as door stoppers!
Next, lay out a layer of the tennis biscuits, then add a layer of the caramel cream mixture, then add bananas. Repeat the process until your dish is filled to the top where you end off with only caramel cream, some banana slices and a generous drizzling of Clover Bliss Chocolate Dairy dessert as your garnish!
You can garnish with anything you like, chocolate chunks, berries, honeycomb, you can go crazy! Sadly for us… my wife has a cocoa allergy so we keep it simple!

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