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Beetroot Chips

Beetroot Chips

Beetroot Chips
Recipe by: Mynhardt Joubert
Serves: 3-6
Recipe time: 25min
2 fresh whole beetroot
30 ml Olive oil (enough to cover beetroot but not soak)
Salt to taste
Preheat oven to 200 °C.
Cut off leaves (tip: you can set these aside and also bake as crisps if you like)
Thoroughly rinse each beet, ensuring no dirt is left on
With skin on, using a mandolin or knife, thinly slice beetroot. A mandolin will ensure each chip is cut exactly the same thinness which will create even baking.
In a bowl, add cut beetroot, olive oil and seasoning and toss together until evenly coated. Do not drench in oil.
Line tray(s) with baking paper and place each beetroot singularly on tray(s).
Place tray(s) in the middle of the oven and bake in oven for approx 15-20 min or until crispy. 
Tip: Watch out toward the end of the baking as they will turn brown quickly!
Add your favourite flavouring/spices such as pepper, zaatar or rosemary or dukkah 
Let cool before serving.
Rid any dampness on the beetroot (from washing) will cause the beetroot to steam rather than crisp.
Do not overlap beetroot when placing on trays. This will cause the chips to not crisp.
Fresh beetroot taste completely different to canned beetroot which generally contains unwanted sugar and food acids. As canned beetroot has a higher content of water, I do not recommend using them.
When baking multiple trays of beetroot crisps, you will need to rotate the trays when placing in the next batch.
Try and minimise the amount of times the oven is opened and closed. This affects the baking of the beetroot.
Add your favourite flavouring/spices such as pepper, zaatar, cumin, rosemary or dukkah 

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