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'Injera' Ethiopian Flatbread


Injera Ethiopian Flatbread

Recipe by: Addis in Cape Restaurant
Makes: 1 batch
Prep time: 24 hours
Cook time: 5 minutes

250 g teff flour
2.5 g yeast
400 ml room temperature water

Mix the flour and yeast together. With a wooden spoon or your hands mix like making bread dough. Add the room temperature water bit by bit in with a wooden spoon or your hands like making bread dough. Pour some water over it, keeping it overnight to rise and ferment.

The next day remove the excess water on top and gradually add warm water to get the right texture to bake. The texture at this time should be the consistency of crêpe or pancake batter.

Pour a thin layer of batter to cover the pan, baking it on a non-stick pan without any oil or butter and without flipping it over.

Serve as is or with fillings such as potato, meat, etc. Enjoy!

Watch Chef Tumi and the ladies from Addis in Cape cook here:

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