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Yoella Nygren


Yoella Nygren 

Skin positivity influencer, Yoella Nygren, will be talking to us all the way from Sweden about her journey of self-love and learning to feel beautiful and sexy with acne.
Following a significant period of chronic stress and having to deal with a difficult situation in her personal life, Yoella started experiencing a break out in 2018. Despite trying multiple remedies, her acne remained persistent. As a result, she began focusing on inner work and listening to the signals her body was giving her.
By that time, Yoella had grown tired of editing out her acne from social media posts in an attempt to fit the societal “ideal” of beauty. Overtime, she gained more confidence in her appearance and began to show her bare face. Twenty-twenty was the year Yoella reached a point in her life where she was fully happy with herself and wanted to share that feeling with others.
She began posting things about her life on social media and was surprised by the flood of positive responses she received - and  soon realised that she could change the stigma around living with a skin condition through her posts.
“My message is that you can live your best life and have acne, you are beautiful and have acne, you are sexy with spots. Everything that you think you will be when you get rid of the “problem” you already are!”

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