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Tshepo Tshola

Tsepo Tshola
Tshepo Tshola

When he walks in, wearing all black and his trademark cap one could take him for a younger man. But this is veteran musician Tshepo Tshola who brought his 62nd birthday celebrations to Botswana this past week. No suits; no ties – just in his usual smart casual wear that is never complete without a cap. He has been in Botswana for the past week, and decided to celebrate his birthday – August 18th – at the new hangout spot in Gabane called DNCC. The man, who is popularly known as The Village Pope even though he might come off as very arrogant, has still got his alluring charm that he defined him for years. On how it feels to be 62, Tshola radiated and said it feels like he is 16 all over again. One thing that was striking about the old man is his sense of humour. If you are short tempered you would think that he is rubbing you the wrong way but of course that is not surprising for a man who has done hundreds of interviews in his life. He could strike you as rude, but when you sit a little bit longer with him you will realise that he is just a sweet old man.

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