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Suzette Venter


Suzette Venter

We are joined by Suzette Venter, who is the chapter leader of a self-help organisation called “The Compassionate Friends”(TCF), it’s an organisation that offers friendship and understanding to family members that are in mourning or grief-stricken.

She lost her 11 years-old son, 11 years ago. Now Suzette is here with us to share how she dealt with the loss, if she is still dealing with it today, and how she still follows her motto “life is a journey, everyday we can choose to experience something new and exciting or get stuck in grief and pain, we choose how to handle what life deals”.

Suzette describes the pain of loosing a child as battling with grief in the early stages, after the death, and then after some time has passed, you then begin to battle with it some of the time. She believes so much in (TCF) because she joined their support group after his death, and it did wonders for her. A year later she came the Chapter Leader of the Cape Town Chapter

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