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Stefan Erasmus

Stefan Erasmus

Stefan Erasmus
Stefan's love for acting started when he played a flamboyant innkeeper in his grade 9 school play. This love for performance then began to grow and he eventually found his way to UCT. During his 4 years of studying, he has been directed by Sandra Temmingh, Geoffrey Hyland and Luke Ellenbogen. 

The year 2012 delivered great opportunities for Stefan, as he worked with Philip Rademeyer, in one of two starting productions for Rust Co-Operative. He played Anna Jones in the ambiguously named "Lie'. He continued his career in acting and not too long into it, found himself working with Gabriella Pinto, Roy Seargent and Kim Kerfoot. This snowballed and in 2013 he took part in the new writers’ festival at Artscape.
2014 brought a Standard Bank Ovation award for the play "Undermined", directed by Tara Notcutt and in 2015, two more shows revived Standard Bank Ovation awards: "The Incredible Journey", directed by Tara Notcutt and "Ashes", directed by Philip Rademeyer.
In 2017 he achieved his greatest achieved to date - he was awarded Beste Akteur for his role in "Ashes" by the KykNet Fiëstas!

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