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Sihle Bolani


Sihle Bolani

We meet Sihle Bolani who's a brand and communication strategist, public speaker, single single mom and author of “We Are The Ones We Need” - a book that discusses the struggles faced by Black South African’s in the corporate space.

Sihle has also founded a virtual support group called Konnected for Black professional women to develop networks through through sharing experiences and knowledge to impact lives and careers. As well as a platform "Confessions of a Single Mom" where she shares her trails and triumphs as one, and enables a space of support, understanding and encouragement for fellow mothers to not feel alone during this time.

This strong and inspiring woman that is no stranger to “the hustle” as she's learnt to make things work with no income or financial backing. Sihle has had a long journey in her career as the under dog. No stranger to fighting for what she believes, this phenomenal woman proves that you can make anything happen and that it's never too late to pick up the pieces and start anew.

She joins us to chat about adjusting her business approach and methods under lockdown.

Instagram: @SihleBolani
Twitter: @SihleBolani_
Facebook: Sihle Bolani

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