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Radlyn Naidoo

Radlyn Naidoo

Radlyn Naidoo

 Radlyn Naidoo is a 23 year old graduate who has lived with Tourette's Syndrome from a very young age.

Growing up in a strict Indian cultured family with the mindset that it’s mind over matter, made it very difficult for his family to believe him when he said that he couldn’t control what he was doing when he had involuntary muscular and vocal tics. At the age of 9 his parents got divorced and that amount of stress and anxiety had caused his symptoms to surface. Eventually Radlyn's tics got to a point where he would struggle to breathe, only then he decided to finally go to the doctor. The tics, loud noises, screams and swearing out loud resulted in him being bullied and mocked in school and home.

In 2016 he posted up his first ever video “My life with Tourette Syndrome” which reached over 49 different countries and over 445k views.

Facebook: My Life with Tourette Syndrome
Instagram: @lifeisatwitch

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