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Paxton Fielies


Paxton Fielies
Tuesday 14 February
Singer-songwriter Paxton Fielies is entering a new era as an artist. Only 22 years old, she is celebrating 5 years in the music industry.
“Honestly sometimes I have to remind myself, ‘you are living your dream right now’. It’s still surreal to me,” she says.
She is eager to release her latest single ‘Touch & Go’. “I feel like I’ve entered a new era as an artist, this is a new season. I’m excited to release this new version of me to my audience.”
 ‘Touch & Go’ is inspired by a conversation she had with a friend about how complicated dating can be. “Especially when you’re a young professional and focusing on your goals and your career. It’s very draining at times, but it’s so fun as well.”
“I feel like I have new stories to tell, and now that I’m older I feel like I’m more relatable,” she says.
The Cape Town born singer’s number one inspiration is waking up every morning. “That’s a sign to me that God isn’t done with me. I have this talent that God has blessed me with, it’s no use if I don’t do anything with it.”
“My goal is always to motivate and inspire people, and take them on this journey with me,” she adds.
2023 is the year of abundance for Paxton. “I’m welcoming all of the blessings, challenges and lessons with open arms. It’s going to be an amazing year for me, for all of us.”
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