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Niani B

Niani B

Niani B

We are joined by the amazing Hair Stylist and the Creator of “A Safe Space For Black Girls That Have Never Learned How To Braid”, Niani B. 

Niani B’s love for her hair came from having to learn how to style and manage her natural hair. For most of her childhood she had locks but cut them off at the age of 12 where she then did her first braided hairstyle. Going to the salon to maintain her braids was not an option so she had to learn how to do it herself. She started styling hair professionally in 2005 when she was only 16 years old.

As the natural hair community grew so did her desire to not only learn more about how to style hair but also how to naturally nourish and grow it out.

Facebook: Niani B
Instagram: @niani_b

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