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MTHWAKAZI offers Xhopera - a rare and thrilling style of musical expression that channels ancestral and classical sounds linking them to those of the present and future. MTHWAKAZI’s electrifying performances evoke images akin to visions; this Dreamtime music recalls the power of shamanistic healing through sound, stirring up memories buried deep in the bones of humanity. Music is not separate from heart beat, from activity, from emotion…..

Mthwakazi Lenga, classically trained opera singer, and her husband, Luyola Lenga, composer, poet, percussionist, and instrument-maker, have tapped into primal vibrations for their concept; then boldly, with inspiration, fused the diverse styles of music which make up their combined heritage to create a contemporary genre that is both unique and relevant.
In MTHWAKAZI cultures meet at a point of mutual reference, reflecting the universality of creative expression and the unquestionable value of the authentic artistic message.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mthwakazi 
Twitter: @mthwakazi_music & @Luyolo_Music
Facebook: Mthwakazi & Luyolo Mthwa Lenga

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