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Msi and Somi Boltina

Somi and Msi

Msi and Somi Boltina

Adapting to life with a disability is never easy, but today's inspiring guests show us that it's possible to overcome major life challenges and still build a rewarding life.

Msi and Somi Boltina enlighten us to life in an inter-abled relationship - that being, a union where one of the partners is living with a disability and the other is able-bodied.

The couple's connection dates back to 2005, but lost contact with each other up until 2008. Tragedy struck in 2009 when Msi was involved in a car accident that rendered him a c5 quadriplegic and left him paralysed. After hearing about the accident Somi realised that she had a serious attachment to Msi and that she indeed wanted a future with him - they started dating in 2010, and got married 4 years later.

Today, Msi is a Forensic Auditor and Somi is a Lecturer. They enjoy cooking together and trying new cuisines. During lockdown they started a Youtube channel called 'Somi & Msi Interabling in Love' where they share some of their life experiences and love story - and with over 35 000 subscribers already, it's seeing great success and huge interest.

As if that alone doesn't fill you with so much admiration, Msi has also recently self-published a book about surviving two life-threatening accidents and living with a dissability. The book is titled 'Baptised in Fire' and is available to purchase here:

Website: Masimelelo Boltina
Amazon: Baptised in Fire
YouTube: Somi and Msi

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