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Tuesday 21 February
TV Personality and Wellness Entrepreneur Mome is on a roll and there’s no sign of slowing down.
Her book ‘Mome’s Depth of Black Love’, which is currently available for pre-order, was a “journey of healing” to write.
“It took me 3½ years to write this book and I co-wrote it with a pastor. The reason being, I’m addressing certain black community issues that are sensitive, that I want someone to read to heal,” she says.
She addresses certain things that happen in marriage and black love “that you don’t speak about because it’s a ‘myth’. At the same time I’m addressing spiritual issues, like how we go through our callings, how it affects our relationships. Things that we don’t normally discuss.”
Another established project of her is Mrs Mome Wellness, “a brand that I started from pain”. Mome experienced a stroke 10 days after her youngest daughter was born. While she’s always been into her fitness, she didn’t understand the difference between being well and being fit.
“Learning from that, I realised that even if we want to lose weight, it takes us forever because we’re not using products that heal us from the inside,” she explains.
“I’d like for people to understand that there’s a difference between being fit and being well. We’re at a point where we need to understand the food we eat, how much nutrition is in it. We don’t just eat because we’re hungry, we eat to heal.”
According to Mome, in order to protect our mental health, we need to find a balance between our emotions, mental state and spirituality. “I don’t think we always understand how to practise protecting our mental health… You can be fit, but trust me if you’re not spiritually balanced you won’t be mentally healthy.”
Follow Mome on social media and check out her website:
@mrsmome.m / https://www.mrsmomewellness.co.za

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