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Marco de Vil

Marco de Vil
Tuesday 17 January
Cape Town Model & Rapper Marco de Vil is one to watch.
“Last year my main focus was building my world with music. This year is all about extending it out there, reaching more people, bringing them into my world,” he says.
His love for music stems from a difficult childhood. “When I was growing up, looking for an escape – it would either be movies or it would be writing. Eventually my writing started to evolve into poetry, and from there into music.”
Marco credits Eminem as a big inspiration of his. “His raw realness, his not caring. Him and his music are very dark… He’s real with himself and his emotions, I definitely gravitated towards that,” Marco explains.
Released at the end of 2022, Marco’s new single 'Don't Want You Back', tells the story of a toxic relationship from his past.
“I won’t mention any names, out of respect. It was one of my first proper relationships, I learnt a lot from it, but also a lot of pain, anger and distrust… When I made this song it was therapeutic.”
Honesty and vulnerability are themes that run throughout his music and his life. “Stay vulnerable, stay open, never be too scared to be vulnerable. Let your guard down, you never know there’s a lot of people around you who are willing to listen, or offer you some help.”
“I know it’s hard, because once you’re faced with a hostile environment your guard is permanently up, but just take that chance. Help is around. You’re not alone,” he says.
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@marcodevil.13 / Marco de Vil / @MarcoDeVil13

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