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Tuesday 26 July
“I think music, and being a musician, an artist allows me to explore so many different creative avenues,” says up-and-coming singer-songwriter Luh’ra.
“It comes with arranging music, arranging a band, working with people, engaging with audiences. Then there’s also the visual side of things, where I get to create shoots and music videos, and explore how my music translates visually as well,” she says.
The Cape Town-based artist started seriously pursuing a career in music at the age of 23.
“I think everyone’s journey is different, but I started music a bit later I guess because I was studying,” she explains.
After completing an architectural degree at the UCT, Luh’ra worked in the field for a while before she decided to focus solely on her music. “I just decided I wanted to take charge of what type of life I wanted to do – and that was music,” says Luh’ra.
Her debut EP ‘Luh’ra Luv’ came out in 2019 and spread a message of love.
Luh’ra’s most recent EP ‘Nice’ speaks about different types of love. “Nice has more of a message of friendship; and appreciating friendship and genuine connections,” she explains.
“I also really wanted to explore the musicality of the music, and invest more and make sure it was high quality and the best that it could be heard. I took a bit of time to record it and put it out, and just make it to come out in the best possible way.”
On the EP, Luh’ra’s distinct warm, lush voice conveys stories that will resonate with anyone who has overcome heartbreak with the help of friends and a rediscovery of the importance self-love.
Her words of encouragement for fellow musicians are to keep pushing. “Throughout my career I’ve always had to explore different avenues. I think for our creative industry… it’s okay if you have to do lots of different things. But just always keep trying to push your craft, invest in yourself, learn as much as you can, and just keep trying,” she says.
Luh’ra recently celebrated an EP launch and will be doing a few shows in Cape Town. Thereafter she’ll be performing in Johannesburg and connecting with other musicians there.
Follow Luh’ra on social media:
@luh.ra / Luh’ra

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