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Loukmaan Adams

Loukmaan Adams
Tuesday 14 June
Loukmaan Adams wears many hats; singer, entertainer, director, producer, husband, and father.
Best known for his involvement in musical theatre, Loukmaan has worked alongside music directors, producers and songwriters such as Taliep Petersen and David Kramer in their productions District Six and Kat and the Kings.
Today, Loukmaan and his family are on the show for a Father’s Day themed masterclass. We find out what he’s been up to since we last had him on the show in 2018.
“As you know for the past few years theatre has sort of gone down. So, I had to think outside of the box, anything else that I can do,” says Loukmaan about his career.
“I grew up like that – where you can’t just be a singer – you have to try and do different things. Even if you don’t have the credits or the paper, you have to push yourself,” he explains.
Loukmaan says that he likes to dabble in everything, “I even did some music for movies. Choreography, I try and push myself there."
However, when the lights are off and the mic is down, Loukmaan likes to spend time with his family, according to his wife, Shaakirah.
“Loukmaan is a very humble man, if I can put it like that. He’s also a very peaceful man and private man,” she says. “If he has his kids around him, he’s the happiest man ever.” The couple have three beautiful daughters together.
Speaking about lockdown, Loukmaan says, “It was difficult, the whole adjustment of having to be at home. Because my whole repertoire changed, I had to now do all the CoComelon songs for these three [his daughters],” he jokes. “But I enjoy it, I enjoy being in their space.”
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