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Laetitia Booysen


Laetitia Booysen

We are joined by the author of ‘Bright is the Black Night’, Laetitia Booysen. The book is about ‘Living Under a Cloud of Bipolar Disorder and Bulimia’, which was based on her life struggles with Bulimia and Bipolar disorder.

The book covers the complexity of bipolar disorder with the fictional telling of real life events that happened in her life. She struggled with bulimia for years without knowing it’s source, until she discovered that she suffered from Bipolar disorder, and it was the true root of her bulimia. She wrote in the book in order for others who also suffer from similar conditions as her can find hope in her story, and find solace for themselves, to be able to hopefully understand what they are going through. Especially through the eyes of a first hand victim of the disorders.

Disorders such as these can destroy healthy relationships that one has, but with the right support system, they can also help form unbreakable bonds.

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