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Kelly Schreuder - Better Sex Life

Kelly Schreuder - Better Sex Life

Kelly Schreuder - Better Sex Life

Dietician talks about improving sexual health and creates a libido-enhancing blast.

A healthy sex life will not only keep your relationship healthy, but yourself and your life. So, perhaps it will pay to have some romance in the bedroom. If you’re looking to spice things up a bit, but maybe struggling to keep the libido up, then today we will come to your rescue.

As you know, NutriBullet is helping us lead a healthy lifestyle, and that comes from many different parts of our lives. Today we have Kelly Schreuder back in the loft to give us some advice, and also make us the perfect NutriBlast to help give your sex life a healthy boost. 

Kelly Schreuder - Better Sex Life


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