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Thursday 16 June
Rising star rapper and singer-songwriter, Kashcpt, has had Cape Town in a frenzy for the past 3 years. Today, we have him on the show for a Youth Day themed masterclass.
The 22-year-old hails from Woodstock, and his Cape Town roots are integral to his music. “I like being able to connect it back in my own way to the mother city. I like creating my own sound, as well as emphasizing where I’m from – where the sound came from – to give it background,” he says.
His mixtapes, CAPE TOWN RADIO (2020) and CAPE TOWN RADIO 2 (2022), were inspired by YoungstaCPT. “I wanted to have my own mixtape, and my own label for it, so it would be in its own lane,” says Kash. “I try and fit as many sonics and genres as I can in it to make it as diverse and versatile as possible, for the listener.”
Kash says that his parents exposed him to many different genres of music when he was growing up. “I feel it’s because of them that I developed my love of music and different genres,” he explains.
The 14th track on his latest mixtape is named after his daughter, Jorja. ‘JORJAS WORLD’ was one of the last songs on the tape to be finished.
“I’ve never made a song about my daughter, I felt it was necessary. Something that she can also listen to one day. It wasn’t hard to write, the words came out themselves,” he says.
Kash has plans to move to Johannesburg soon to further his music career, in efforts to push his music into mainstream spaces.
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@kashcpt / @Kashcpt / @Kashcpt
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL1Z9VoCkDuqHbX1hcB9sdA

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