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Karma Luna

Karma Luna
Thursday 25 August
Publicist by day, singer and DJ by night, Karma Luna has many sides to her personality.
“I believe in living life to the fullest, and doing everything that you can. And whatever your dreams are, see what happens,” she says.
According to the singer, she is deeply passionate about all aspects of her career. She manages to juggle her day job and her music with good time management, a good work ethic, and lots of to-do lists. “I get so excited to wake up every day, I’ve curated a beautiful life.”
Music has played a healing role in Karma Luna’s life, and she hopes to heal others through her music too. “Everything that I write, everything that I release, is a representation of something I’m feeling,” she says. “Even the actual sound of the music resonates with exactly how it feels on the inside. It’s a melodic representation of my feelings as well.”
She is candid about her struggles with anxiety and PTSD. “I really believe in people taking responsibility for their mental health. We’re not always responsible for what happened to us, but we’re responsible for how we deal with it,” she explains.
Karma Luna is currently studying life coaching as she wants to be able to help her friends, family and anyone that needs a safe space to talk.
DJing is a recent project of hers, and she’s been working on some exciting features with other artists.
“I’ve always loved Latin music, I was a Latin dancer. I find that Afro beats has a similar sound to it… I’m working with some other producers, featuring on some of their tracks that are Afro Beats and Latin House, that’s where I’m going now,” she says.
@karmalunamusic / Karma Luna

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