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Juliet Harding

Juliet Harding of Goodluck

Juliet Harding

Juliet Harding, lyricist and vocalist of the Goodluck band is joining us this afternoon to chat about life in lockdown, being isolated from her friends and family, and feeding those in need during COVID19.

Juliet shares more about their Goodluck Emergency Feeding Fund:

"I have the privilege of working with an organisation in Vrygrond to feed the vulnerable during lockdown but today was an eye opener for me. The further along we go into lockdown the more kids and adults are needing to be fed. 2 x 100 litre pots finished and you still have 48 children to feed and you have not even fed one adult yet...the different emotions that I went through at that moment are indescribable.

A scramble for tins and whatever there was in the store just to make another pot of something to fill a desperate belly. These kids and adults wait for hours in a queue just to get a bowl (some don't even have a bowl) of food.

My plea to you today is if anyone is in the position to donate so that we can buy food to assist this extremely vulnerable community on our door steps.The fund will be used in partnership with Where Rainbow's Meet to by Pasta, Vegetables, protein, and Beans in order to make enough meals to feed the starving people in Vrygrond. The situation is extremely dire at the moment and we need to do whatever we can to help those who are on the front lines of disaster."

If you would like to contribute to the Goodluck Emergency Feeding Fund go to https://bit.ly/goodluckcares

Juliet and Ben have also started a live show on their Facebook page called, THE LUCK DOWN. Their aim is use the show to connect with their fans and friends around the world to share the Good News, the creativity and the uplifting stories coming out of this global crises. https://www.facebook.com/goodlucklive/

Goodluck has released a new single, called “What Next”. The song aims to challenge fans to consider what our future will look like if we continue on the same path as we were before COVID19. 

Take a listen to,“What Next”: 


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