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Jason Storey

Jason Storey

One of the names making it big on the South African fashion scene for mens' wear is 'Unknown Union', created by Jason Storey. One of their latest achievements in fashion was their closing show at the AW 2017 Mens' Wear Week in Cape Town, where Jason decided on a conceptual approach towards the range.
As quoted from Unknown Union's blog post on the event, it was "Eighteen individuals that had a story to tell, most of them non-models. Stories of awareness, community, expression, and culture. Voices of everyday persons who thrive in pioneering their own lanes. A multidisciplinary collective, brought together by one brand, Unknown Union".

Established in 2011 with three goals in mind; to root the company within vibrant communities outside the fashion mainstream; to allow the richness of each community’s art and culture inform the location’s design and aesthetics and to employ members of the community to both manufacture and inspire quality collections for the global citizen

Website: http://unknownunion.co.za/
Facebook: @Unknownunion
Twitter: @Unknownunion
Instagram: @unknown.union 

Photo by Simon Deiner. 

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