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Grant Clark

grant clark

Grant Clark

Grant Clark set off on 17 November 2016 in an effort to cycle from Cairo to Cape Town to raise funds and awareness for Shine Literacy, and on Monday 6th March 2017, he arrived at the Shine Literacy centre at Zonnebloem College in Cape Town, having handed out books and the message of the importance of childhood literacy all the way down Africa!
Grant has struggled with countless punctures, long days of relentless hills, bumpy roads, aggressive locals, connectivity issues, and a broken bike on his travels, but he has also experienced the most incredible hospitality, company and kindness from Africans of all walks of life, exquisite scenery, and amazing adventures! Most importantly, his message and the books he managed to take along from Book Dash were very well received.
Grant is visiting the Afternoon Express loft to talk about his incredible journey and more!

Website - http://www.afrikalegburn.com/
PR Contact - Kate Armstrong @ katie@fluxcom.co.za

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