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Gordon Stevens

Gordon Stevens

Gordon Stevens 
Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer and Motivational Speaker

Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer and Motivational Speaker Gordon Stevens shares his story of how he found the will to not give up after enduring a horrific tragedy.
Gordon’s life has been filled with multiple tragedies. In 2011, Gordon came home to three men breaking into his third floor flat. A fight broke out that resulted in him falling out of the window. At the time, Gordon was a personal trainer and top fitness competitor – his body was his job.
From the fall, Gordon broke his thoracic and lumbar spine, his femurs shattered, he broke multiple rib bones, his right collar bone, punctured a lung and lost a kidney. Doctors placed him in an induced coma while his injuries healed.
When he woke up, doctors told him that he would never be able to go back to his previous profession or even walk again. However, he never gave up. A year later, Gordon was able to walk again and returned to being a personal trainer.
After his accident, Gordon started doing charity work. He worked at an orphanage where he developed a strong love for helping children. Life was getting better for Gordon and in 2018, he entered Mr South Africa where he was a Top 10 Finalist. After the competition, he started noticing that his face was getting puffy.
He discovered that as a result of his fall in 2011, he had END Stage Kidney Failure and needed to go for dialysis. 
Instagram: @gordon_stevens_official

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