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Gavin Mikey Collins

Gavin Mikey Collins
Gavin Mikey Collins 

25-year-old stylist from Cape Town, South Africa. Creator/co-founder of the party Diskotekah and one-half of photography duo #Bratpics420.  

Gavin Mikey Collins is a Cape Town based creative director and stylist. His work focuses on gender & identity and the intersection of fashion.  He is fascinated with how people use fashion as a means of personal expression. 

Gavin Mikey Collins
A man wearing woman’s clothing is not only a fun way to disrupt traditional gender norms, it’s a subversive act that while celebrated in popular culture – Mrs Doubtfire, the Wayans Brothers comedies – isn’t always palatable in real life.

When Queezy says this last part he clicks his fingers in a Z-formation, like: Z-for-mate-chin! And like his larger than life gesticulations, the way he chooses to dress is also an exaggeration – this time of the female form. For Quaid to become Queezy everything must be amplified, turned up, and he does this to inspire people like him who may not be brave enough to reveal their true selves just yet.
Someone responsible for pushing drag culture to a new younger audience is the man behind this story, Gavin Mikey Collins, whose alternative club night Diskotekah was started as a platform for people like him to express themselves in a safe space.

Website: https://www.gavinmikeycollins.com/
Facebook: Gavin Mikey Collins
Twitter: @gavin_mikey

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