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Francois van Coke

Francois van Coke

Thursday 10 November
Francois van Coke started writing the songs on his latest album, ‘Kanniedood’, in February 2021.
“I started writing these songs in the middle of Covid,” he says. “A ‘Kanniedood’ in Afrikaans is someone with determination, I think all of us needed that to get few the past dark years. That’s kind of the theme.”
“I think also in that time, mortality felt so much more tangible, we lost friends and family. And that’s something I started to think about a lot. “To me, it was a reminder that death is inevitable and that we have to live our life to the fullest and be the best to the people around us,” Francois adds.
‘Kanniedood’ is the Afrikaans rock musician’s fourth solo album. He celebrated the release in September with ‘Francois van Coke en Vriende’, a collaborative show at SunBet Arena, Pretoria.
“It’s something I did in 2018 and 2019. It’s me with collaborators from the last 20 years. People like Jack Parow, Spoegwolf, Elandré, Tasché, Early B – a bunch of my friends who I’ve made music with.”
Performing with his band ‘Die Gevaar’, Francois says it was a special night for everyone involved. “To play rock shows in South Africa you don’t get to pack out arenas that often.”
According to Francois, he’s been super busy with shows “after this Covid business”. He has upcoming shows lined up all over South Africa this Summer. Thereafter he plans to have “a massive holiday with the fam.”
Make sure to check out the details to ‘Van Coke in Frankryk’ on Francois’ social media. “I’m going on tour with a couple of fans who want to go and watch the Rugby World Cup with me… We’ll watch two games, and we’ll do a little private show for those people, and hang out,” he says.
Follow him on social media:
@francoisvancoke / @Francois van Coke / @FrancoisVanCoke

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