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Digital Sangoma

Digital Sangoma
Tuesday 21 June
Meet Digital Sangoma, the self-proclaimed ‘village boy living in the city’. This Eastern Cape born, Afro Indie artist is making waves in the South African alternative music scene – and today, we have him on the show.
Digital Sangoma says that his hometown influenced him greatly as a musician and a producer. “In terms of music and sound, there were a lot of ceremonies that would take place. During the time, it’s a celebration. We’d sing, we’d chant, there would be a lot of people,” he explains.
He is a qualified Sound Engineer, and Electronic Music Programmer. During his studies, he learnt to compose and produce his own unique music. It was also during this time that he established his own ‘sound’.
“I’ve always been fascinated by African rhythmic music, so I wanted to create a project that represents that,” says Digital Sangoma, about how his name came about.
“[The name] happened to me; I think that’s the best way to describe it. Years ago, I was producing music – I’ve been producing music for a long time – I was still a student. I met up with some of my friends who were also doing hip hop... A friend of mine tweeted something, ‘Digital Sangoma…’ and I was like ‘wait, what is this?’” he explains.
From there he transitioned to using ‘Digital Sangoma’ as his stage name.
He is an independent artist, which means that he’s not under a contract with a record label. “As an independent artist I do work alone a lot, but I do have a team that I collaborate with,” says Digital Sangoma.
“I had a mental block for so many years. Up until I realized I need to create opportunities for myself,” he says. “I’m not going to stop regardless of whether people want to work with me or not, I’m just going to do what I love doing.”
Digital Sangoma has a nine to five job on top of being an artist. “It provides for me to be able to do this without the pressure of trying to do whatever someone else is doing to make money. Then I can actually have a voice as an artist,” he says.
He says this is important advice for aspiring musicians if they would like to have a sustainable career and a voice that will last.
“Create a sense of stability. Never create from a point of trying to make money, especially as a new artist, because then you’ll never find your own voice,” Digital Sangoma explains. “What I mean is if you have a job, please stick to the job until the music can drag you out of it.”
Digital Sangoma has an upcoming EP in the pipelines. He is excited for the shows that he’ll do after the release.
“We’re trying to create that experience, you know being in the village, that sort of sound. Where people come and just let yourself be free and dance and enjoy the music,” he says.
Follow Digital Sangoma on social media to keep up to date with his latest releases:
@digitalsangoma / @Digital Sangoma / @digitalsangoma

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