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Dee Koala

Dee Koala
Thursday 17 November
A lot has happened since the last time we saw award winning artist Dee Koala. “Change is in my life!” she says.
Dee shares that Covid-19 was a tough time, “I lost people. It was a slow paced situation in terms of the music side of things. But we grew and got better, I went back to recording when I knew I was fine.”
Her latest single ‘Gwan’ took almost a year to finish. “I was having a creative block so I couldn’t finish writing things. I could finish features, because the concept was already there,” she says.
Inspiration came in an unexpected form. “I was looking for a long time, and I was getting impatient. When I prayed and asked God for blessings, God brought someone to my life. That person pushed me and reminded me what I worked for, who I am now,” says Dee.
“The self-esteem came back, and I finished ‘Gwan’. Later on I went on the make the ‘4 The Khaltsha’ event,” she adds.
The sold out event was hosted in Khayelitsha. “The good thing about ‘4 The Khaltsha’ is that it’s for the people, not just about me. Friends and family were there, different age groups, artists who pulled out for me. I pulled strings!”
Dee has ambitions to expand her brand even more; with plans including more events, bigger brand involvement, creative directing, and styling.
“I’m looking forward to doing more things besides just making music […] I’m already the best at rapping, so let me just see what other things I can do,” she jokes.
With a massive social media following, awards, features and collaborations under her belt, Dee is grateful that she can be herself. “It’s crazy because every time, all these different things, the one thing that people like is who I am,” she says.
“I love the fact that people love me for me.”
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