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Chad Saaiman

Chad Saaiman

Chad Saaiman

Tuesday 4 June

Chad Saaiman, a dynamic artist whose music resonates with rhythm and love, recently joined us on Afternoon Express. Fresh from his recent nuptials, Chad shared insights into his personal and professional life, leaving us all inspired.

Chad's recent marriage has brought a new light into his life. "It feels good. There's a certain buzz you carry with you after the wedding," he said with a smile. The couple celebrated their love with an intimate ceremony that felt like a "dinner with friends."

Not only is Chad navigating newlywed bliss, but he also continues to thrive in his music career. He attributes his productivity to understanding the ebb and flow of life. "I'm a big believer in seasons," Chad explained. By utilising quieter times for studio sessions, he ensures a constant flow of new music while balancing his successful radio career and frequent performances.

His latest release, "Adore," is particularly special. Inspired by his wedding, it's a heartfelt piece designed to become the wedding song of the season. "I thought about a song that other couples, especially other grooms, could use as their wives walk down the aisle or as their first dance," Chad shared.

Chad's creative energy is infectious, and his dedication to his craft is evident. He continues to inspire with his authentic passion and unwavering commitment to his music. Keep an eye on Chad Saaiman – his journey is one of love, rhythm, and boundless creativity.

Follow him on social media:
@chadsaaiman / Chad Saaiman

For his performance of 'Adore,' check out the video below:

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